Jake Wilson (2012)


On August 9, 2012, UK singer / songwriter / guitarist and documentary maker Jake Wilson phoned in live for a chat about his debut CD “All’s Well”.  Uncut magazine reviewed the album thus:

“Excellent folky tribute to ice-cold explorer Captain Scott. Jake Wilson’s self-recorded debut is a thoughtful tribute to the five British explorers who perished in the South Pole on Captain Scott’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition in 1912. Set against a folky backdrop of acoustic guitar and vocals reminiscent of early John Fahey but with a tinge of Early Modern classical, the focus is squarely on the lyrics, with five songs, each dedicated to a different man. The pick is the title track, detailing the thoughts of Edward Wilson, while “Black was the Flag” is a contemplative, moving tribute to Scott himself. An unusual album, beautifully packaged with photographs from the expedition.”

In this in-depth Roots & Branches interview, Jake talks about the CD and much more.  Since the chat, his wish to play in Antarctica – in Scott’s hut, no less – is set to come true in early 2013!

Jake Wilson interview (33.47) 


All’s Well (videos for other songs from the album can be found at the same YouTube channel):

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