Playlist, July 30 2015

DAVEY CRADDOCK & THE SPECTACLES  Girls Light Fires  single  (indie)  AUST

WilMaring coverFeature rarity:  WIL MARING  1. Keeping Time With You  2. One In The Great White Yonder  3. Sunny Side Of The Mountain  4. Pardon Me  5. Look For Me  ‘The Turning Of A Century’  (Roan Pony)  US 2001

SALLY DASTEY & MARK WALLACE  1. Snuffed Him In A Second   2. I Need A Place  3. For A Short Time  live, SA Folk Centre Nov 15 2002  (our recording)  AUST

THE DEMON BARBERS  Ranzo  ‘Disco At The Tavern’  (Demon Barber Sounds)

PETER KNIGHT’S GIGSPANNER  The Bows Of London  ‘Layers Of Ages’  (Gigspanner Music)

FEROCIOUS DOG  Freeborn John  ‘Ferocious Dog’  (Weird Sounds)

VASHTI BUNYAN  Holy Smoke  ‘Heartleap’  (Fat Cat)

TREMBLING BELLS  O Where Is Saint George  ‘The Sovereign Self’  (Tin Angel)

FORMIDABLE VEGETABLE SOUND SYSTEM  Energy (Bumble Remix) ‘Radish Beets’  (indie)  AUST

ALISON BROWN QUARTET  Medley: The Old Grey Goose / Ray Harveys / The Malinkey / I’m Naked & I’m Going To Glasgow  live, Regal Tent, March 9 2004  (our recording)

THE POCKET GODS  Bring Me The Head Of Francis Bacon  ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’  (Nub Country)

GYPSYFINGERS  Eating Me  ‘Circus Life’  (indie)

THE PAYROLL UNION  The White Slave Of The North  ‘Paris Of America’  (Backwater Collective)

FAERD  2 songs (titles unknown) live, SA Folk Centre Oct 13 2004  (our recording)