Playlist, Sept 19 2019

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ALASDAIR ROBERTS   The Evernew Tongue  ‘The Fiery Margin’  (Drag City)

Feature rarity:  AGALLOCH  1. The Isle of Summer  2. Birch Black  3. Hollow Stone  4. Pantheist  ‘The White EP’  (Vendlus)  US, 2008

Interview with PETE TITCHENER 

JOHN CAMPBELL MUNRO  1. Never Mind  2. Glenrowan  3. When Tomorrow Comes  ‘The Kelly Collection’  (indie)  AUST  local

john munro cd cover

Audio of the interview with Pete Titchener on the new, posthumous John Munro album and its recording, and much more including, not coincidentally, his production of the show’s theme tune:

Part 1  (8.22) 

Part 2  (8.52) 

Part 3  (9.58)

JOHN SCHUMANN & THE VAGABOND CREW  The Long Run remix  ‘Ghosts and Memories’  (ABC)  AUST  local

WÖR  Scherpenheuvel  ‘Back to the 1780’s’  (Appel)

THE CHERRY COKE$  Rise Again  ‘The Cherry Coke$’  (indie)

HELLCAT MAGGIE  Hellcat Maggie  ‘Scratching The Surface’  (indie)

ROARING JACK  Yuppietown  ‘Street Celtability’ EP  (Mighty Boy)  AUST

KEESKEA  Red Shirt, Green Socks  ‘Find Yourself Alone’  (Hobbledehoy)  AUST  local

FRANCIS KNEEBONE  Something To Burn  ‘Love Lines’  (indie)  AUST

CROOKED FIDDLE BAND  Twilight To Darkness  ‘Another Subtle Atom Bomb’  (indie)  AUST