Judy Dyble (2015)

8PAN1T.E1 [Converted].ai2015 sees the release of a 50-year retrospective of the work of JUDY DYBLE, covering her work with some very important names in English music – FAIRPORT CONVENTION, GILES GILES & FRIPP and TRADER HORNE among them.  ‘Gathering The Threads’ takes the path of covering many lesser known aspects of her work as well, including unreleased tracks and demos along with many of the collaborations she has recorded over the last decade.  See www.judydyble.com for more information and to order the limited edition anthology.

On March 9 2015, Judy very kindly took part in an exclusive, and extensive, interview via Skype for Roots & Branches.  Here it is, sans music, in two-and-a-bit parts –

Fairport Convention 1968

Fairport Convention 1968

Judy Dyble interview pt 1 (covering the compilation, Judy & the Folkmen, the early years of Fairport, Jimi Hendrix, the method of recording recent collaborations, judging ribbon bows, knitting onstage, Trader Horne, cassette tape advertising and more) 22.43 

judy_dyble earlyInterview pt 2  (covering Giles Giles & Fripp, the diversity of the music she has performed, how she describes her singing style,  deliberately avoiding obvious material on the anthology, new material, imposter syndrome, changes and similarities in the music business in the 30 years she wasn’t recording, and more)  22.26 

Judy Dyble 2Bonus!  Not included in the original broadcast – Judy discusses her Facebook friends.  Her song Talking With Strangers was about a certain wariness of the Internet, but she has now embraced it and has a lively Facebook page.  This interview – with big thanks to Judy for agreeing to it – wouldn’t have happened otherwise either!  1.09 

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