Session: Happy/Sad, Songs Of Tim Buckley (2020)

For the 2020 Adelaide Fringe, MICHAEL KIRKHAM (vocals, guitar), CAL WILLIAMS JR (guitar), ANDY PILL (bass) and DOM SMITH (drums) put together a show called ‘Happy/Sad’ celebrating the music of classic American singer-songwriter TIM BUCKLEY.

On Feb 13, the band (sans drums) came onto the show to perform half a dozen of those songs, using their own interpretations rather than sticking rigidly to the original arrangements. It was the first Roots & Branches Session for a while, and an excellent way to be reminded of how special live to air music can be.

Buzzin’ Fly (5:03)

Once I Was (3:25)

Dolphins (3:18)

Song To The Siren (4:41)

Morning Glory (5:03)

Happy Time (3:21)