Peter Tilbrook and Delta (2015)

The show of Feb 12 2015 featured a number of surprise guests.  PETER TILBROOK (ex Masters Apprentices etc) had come along earlier in the evening to drop off a copy of his newly released solo CD ‘Living In The Sixties’ and needed little persuasion to come onto the show for a chat about it and its associated Adelaide Fringe show of the same name.   When the time came, he brought along respected Adelaide hip-hop legend DELTA – the link being that Delta samples Peter’s song A Madman Roams Tonight on his ‘Pyramid Schemes’ CD and the two have been friends ever since.

So the question was how to fit high profile figures in disparate genres onto a folk/roots show – which proved to be not very difficult when you focus on the many similarities between it all.     As the following interview in three parts should explain…!

Delta / Peter Tilbrook

Delta / Peter Tilbrook (pic: Michael Hunter)

Part 1 – Peter Tilbrook (7.54)  on the Living In The Sixties CD and show, the passing of Jim Keays, The Twilights etc. 

Part 2 – Delta (8.49)  on his meeting Peter Tilbrook, the similarities between hip hop and folk, his love and respect for older music and various genres, the importance of respecting artists he samples etc.  

Part 3 – Peter Tilbrook & Delta (10.59)  on working together, supporting live music, whether Peter is related to Glenn Tilbrook, more on Jim Keays, advice on following your dream etc.  

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