Gerry Allen (Moose Malone) (2014)


For probably the first time, the interview on the show was linked to the feature rarity segment.  Brisbane country rock band MOOSE MALONE released the one album “House Of Blue Lights” in 1978.  It has always been well regarded but has never seen a more recent reissue, so is very collectable these days.  Drummer GERRY ALLEN called in for a chat about the band and his own musical career.

A lot of the Moose Malone story is not easy to find online, so it was good to get some stories directly from the source; matters such as Elvis Presley inadvertantly creating problems for the promotion of the band’s album – more details about the party that saw John Denver in a headlock and Moose Malone sacked from their record company – and plenty more!

Many thanks to Gerry Allen for his time and memories.

Gerry Allen interview  (22.20)

Moose Malone - front

Moose Malone album cover – Gerry Allen second from right


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