Cardwells & Friends

Live at the Trinity Sessions, outside Adelaide, July 16 2016.  An evening to celebrate Roger Cardwell featuring the man himself along with Abbie Cardwell, Jeb Cardwell, Trev Warner, Steve Salvi, Dennis Kipridis, BJ Barker and Snooks LaVie in various combinations.

Original show blurb:
In 2015 Jeb & Abbie Cardwell staged a birthday concert featuring their father Roger Cardwell without him knowing!

It was such a success they are doing it once more but this time he knows all about it. Roger Cardwell became a household name largely within South Australia due to his Logie winning years as a news reading anchor man and for his pioneering work hosting and performing on his 1960’s TV show The Country & Western Hour. He posesses a spectacular voice that many grew up with reading radio plays, documentaries and an untold amount of commercials in his time.

His son Jeb and daughter Abbie have grown up to follow in his musical footsteps. Jeb is a consumate guitarist that performs solo and with an array of artists such as Australia’s Queen of Country, Kasey Chambers. Abbie Cardwell is a mulit-award winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who performs her Roots-Americana music with bands all over Australia and Mexico.

For one very memorable night in Adelaide at Trinity Sessions this musical family are putting on an experience that will include special friends that either appeared on Roger’s TV show or that have collaborated musically with them throughout their careers.

All pics (from the show, and stills from a video of Country & Western Hour performances playing on the night, incl Tina Lawton) by Michael Hunter.  Click to enlarge.  Scroll down for a few videos from the night as well!