The Timbers (2013)

IMG_4452aaAdelaide band THE TIMBERS in their own words:  “The Timbers’ thumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies will cast you away to the sweaty, smoky, melting-pot of roots, folk, and celtic bushman brassy punk. Their explosive start in the Adelaide music scene is worthy recognition of this bands ability to marry exceptional musicianship with highly accomplished songwriting. Hailing from far away lands such as Mount Gambier, Tasmania, Ireland, and the Adelaide Hills, the members have worked tirelessly together to create a unique high energy musical experience. 

“Their style has a distinctive alternative folk flavor reminiscent of musical influences such as The Pogues, Graveyard Train, Flogging Molly, The Mountain Goats, and Mumford and Sons. Their raucous live performances, relevance and musicianship gives them the drive and determination to aspire to the accomplishment of those mentioned as muses. Their instrumentation sets them apart from most other young acts featuring banjo, trumpet, mandolin, acoustic guitars, trombone, 4 part vocal harmony and an array of instruments played with feet.”

More information can be found on the band website – – but it’s probably best to hear their live sound to appreciate the effect of The Timbers in full flight.  And it just so happens you’ve arrived at the right page.  With thanks to Simon Basey, here are some songs from their set at the  “Daybreak Music Festival”, Governor Hindmarsh hotel, Adelaide on May 26 2013 – recorded for Roots & Branches!

Wrong Company


Bound For South Australia

Recording and pic by Michael Hunter.

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