Fiddle Chicks (2013)

fidchix 20132

The Fiddle Chicks – Emma Luker & Dee Trewartha. Live at the Wheaty, Jan 20 2013. Pic: Michael Hunter

The Fiddle Chicks started out as a musical experiment, creating a unique minimalist sound. From their inspiring originals to unique arrangements of songs from the rich heritage of folk music, The Fiddle Chicks have proven themselves to be one of SA’s most endearing and original acts. Their musical style ranges from Traditional Celtic, European, Gypsy, Blues and Roots and American Folk, but it is their original compositions and rich fiddle soundscapes utilising some clever digital effects, which really shine through. Winners of APRA’s 2008 “Emily Burrows Award” & 8 SA Folk Awards 2006-8.

The Fiddle Chicks perform at Festivals all around Australia, and a wide variety of venues throughout Adelaide as well.

Tracks recorded live at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide, Jan 20 2013:

Martin Scuffin’s Reel  (Luker) 

Siren (Heart In A Bottle)  (Trewartha) 

Paul (Irish Tunes) (trad) 

Shelter  (Trewartha)

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