Live To Air

The show has had many artists play ‘live to air’ in the studio over the years.  This page is a place to listen to some of those performances.  All tracks produced by Michael Hunter, though sound quality varies depending on the source, eg old cassettes for the Roaring Jack material…

SESSIONS – Jen Lush & Steve Lennox (Nov 2018)

Cal Williams Jr (Dec 2018)

Courtney Robb & Snooks La Vie (2019)

Tim Moore (Aug 2019)

Mandy Connell (Sept 2019)

‘Happy/Sad, Songs of Tim Buckley’  (Feb 2020)

Alistair Hulett
David Rovics
Flash Company
Mary Webb
Michael Chapman
Roaring Jack
The Stillsons
The Yearlings
Yours Truly 

Steve Foster

Stuart Rose (The Moor Rose)

Loren Kate

Susi Davies

Little Wise


Where it all began – show #1, 1979

Armistice Pals, Nov 13 2014

Armistice Pals, Nov 20 2014

Soursob Bob & Snooks LaVie  (2015)

Courtney Robb  (2015)

30th anniversary show, live to air guests and exclusive songs  (2015)

30th anniversary show, part 2

The Woolcocks (2016)

Tim Moore (2016)

Jodi Martin, Ray Smith & Kerryn Schofield (2016)

Abbie Cardwell (2016)

 Brillig / The Yearlings  (2016)

Sarah Carroll / Josh Rennie-Hynes (2017)

Kristina Olsen  (2017)


Kristina Olsen

Yours Truly (Ken Stewart & David Robinson) (2017)

Naomi Keyte & Mary Webb (2018)

Greg Williams (The Everys) (2018)

Allara / Kahl Wallis (2019)

Mick Thomas (2019)

Jimmybay / Ryan Martin John / Jen Lush & Steve Lennox  (2019)

Acoustic Tull (2019)

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