Frankie Armstrong (2019)

01370bwaUK folk (and beyond) legend FRANKIE ARMSTRONG has been performing since 1957, and visiting Australia regularly since 1985.  In 2019, she was in town for a show at the Jade Monkey with help from Australian duo Philip Griffin and Jude Iddison, focussing largely on the works of Brecht.

The chance to interview Frankie was too good to miss, and this wide-ranging chat – from her memories of Ewan MacColl and Bert Lloyd all the way through to her current work and her recent awarding of a Gold Badge from the English Folk Dance & Song Society – was recorded on March 26 and broadcast on the 28th.

Pics by Michael Hunter, taken at the Jade Monkey gig, March 29 2019.

Frankie Armstrong interview (34.00)