Heather Frahn & The Moonlight Tide / Halfway To Forth (2013)

Spectrum  (2013)

Daybreak Music Festival (2013)     

HANGGAI, WOMADelaide 2014

HANGGAI, WOMADelaide 2014

WOMADelaide 2014 (1)

WOMADelaide 2014 (2)

WOMADelaide 2014 (3)

Bad Shepherds / Brillig  (2014)

Mick Thomas & Squeezebox Wally  (2014)

Various Adelaide acts (Kelly Menhennett, Max Savage, Vic Conrad & the First Third, Life In Letters, Brillig, Koral & the Goodbye Horses, Cosmo Thundercat, Loren Kate etc.)  (2015)

30th anniversary show guests (Fiddle Chicks, Brenton Manser, Simon Basey, Ben Hooper, Mary Webb, Courtney Robb, Todd Sibbin, Tara Carragher, Kelly Menhennett)  (2015)

30th anniversary show pt 2  (Cal Williams Jr, Tara Carragher, David Robinson, Jim Lesses, Peter Tilbrook, Steve Pederson, Duncan Kilburn)  (2015)

Golonka! (2016)

WOMADelaide 2017

Malcura (2017)

Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters (2018)


Todd Sibbin (2018)

Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission (2018) DSC08420.JPG

WOMADelaide 2019 Saturday

WOMADelaide 2019 Sunday

WOMADelaide 2019 Monday


Fatoumata Diawara & Angelique Kidjo

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