Glenn Cardier (2016)

glenncardier_hat400The way the brainwave occurred involved thinking about the previous couple of shows where guests in the studio performed live to air songs as part of the chat – Jodi Martin, Jen Lush and Alan Gogoll the week before, and Brillig and The Yearlings the week before that.  The one and only GLENN CARDIER had kindly agreed to return to the show on August 25 2016 to talk about his new album ‘Cool Under Fire’, and so the thought occurred – wouldn’t it be nice to get a live to air song anyway, even if it is over the phone?

Not that it had ever been attempted before on the show!  But Glenn was up for the idea and so it came to pass that a lovely version of She Flew Away (from the ‘Rattle The Cage’ album) was performed down the line.  In this format, it sounds perhaps more like a restored 78 record from long ago, which seems to do it no harm at all.

So, with big thanks to Glenn for doing it and letting us share the result on the blog, here is She Flew Away on the phone…