Jodi Martin, Ray Smith & Kerryn Schofield (2016)

May 19 2016 saw a welcoIMG_1137me studio visit by three guests:

JODI MARTIN who is SA born but now an international tourist and mentored by Arlo Guthrie, with whom she has also written songs.  As well as a chat, Jodi performed 2 songs live to air – one a constant live favourite for years and one brand new and unreleased at the time of performance.

IMG_1146Also, RAY SMITH who after many years in local bands such as SCAFELL PIKE and SYMPATHY ORCHESTRA et al is now crowdfunding his debut solo album.  Ray brought in a couple of freshly mixed tracks from it for their airplay debut, as well as a live to air performance with multi instrumentalist KERRYN SCHOFIELD.

To begin however, Jodi brought in a chord chart for her song Criminal, just in case the chance arose for the others to join in.  After minimal rehearsal, it came to pass with the line-up of Jodi Martin (lead vocals, guitar), Ray Smith (lead guitar) and Kerryn Schofield (flute) for the first time ever!

Jodi Martin, Ray Smith & Kerryn Schofield: Criminal  (3.16) 

Jodi Martin: Riddles  (4.37)

Jodi Martin: Round The Corner  (4.01)

Ray Smith & Kerryn Schofield: The Weaver  (5.02)

Pics by Michael Hunter.