Where it all began (1979)

mmm rfolk dec79 pic

From ‘Airwave’ (5MMM magazine) Dec 1979

Come mid-November 2015, it will be 30 years since Michael Hunter started on the show.  However, it has been going even longer than that!  Back in December 1979, the show – then known as Rambling Folk – began two days after the opening of the station, then known as 5MMM.

On Dec 23 1979,  the very first Rambling Folk went to air with RON HIGGINS and the late JUDITH CROSSLEY announcing, and JIM LESSES mainly on the desk for this episode, but becoming a full co-announcer soon afterwards.  The theme was folk acts who had come to Adelaide during the year;  as one would expect of the time, there is much mention of Traitor’s Gate Folk Club and other items of now historical interest.

With audio from a cassette supplied by Jim Lesses, here is that first program!  The sound is occasionally a bit wonky but it’s still pretty much the full show, with edited music.  At one point, Ron Higgins hopes the program will last for a long time – it’s doing OK so far…

Rambling Folk #1  (24.07)

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