Armistice Pals (2014)


The ARMISTICE PALS is a UK project commemorating both the centenary of the start of World War 1, and the passing of Pete Seeger in 2014.   As they explain on their website, “To mark the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of World War One, The Armistice Pals project brings together a wide selection of distinctive voices from the folk world in a recording of classic anti-war song ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone’. Since Pete Seeger’s original recording in 1960, many different versions have been produced in dozens of different languages, reflecting the fact that the suffering of war recognises no frontiers. The song was also chosen for inclusion in the funeral of Harry Patch, the last surviving British soldier to have taken part in World War One.”

More details including the meaning of the term Armistice Pals can also be found on the website.  The collaborative version of Where Have All The Flowers Gone featuring a multitude of UK folk artistes has been released, both separately and as part of an EP.

Because part of Pete Seeger’s mission was to get everyone singing, the Armistice Pals are encouraging as many clubs and acts as they can to do their own en-masse version of the song around the time of the EP’s release.  The majority of these will take place in the UK, but Roots & Branches is helping to make it international by producing our own live to air versions!  Because some artistes weren’t available on the original air date of November 13 but were free the following week – and for some it was the other way around – there will now be 2 separate Armistice Pals shows: the first on Thursday November 13, the second on November 20.   Both will start 9pm Adelaide time (see equivalent worldwide times here), broadcasting on 93.7FM locally and webcasting via

Here is the list of Adelaide acts who have agreed to take part in a live mass version of Where Have All The Flowers Gone:


davidrobinsonDAVID ROBINSON is a talented multi-award winning songwriter with a wealth of experience that he brings to all of his musical endeavours. He began playing to live audiences in the early 1980s as a member of various pop bands, and has evolved into a solo/duo performer; he is one half of Yours Truly with Ken Stewart (Urban Guerillas).

mw suitcasecropped MARY WEBB is an acoustic Folk singer-songwriter with hints of Blues, Jazz and Classical, a lilting finger-picking guitar style and warm, clear vocals which match her unique songwriting style. She writes insightful and moving songs of love, loss and human experience and is involved in a number of projects including ‘Preloved Folk’ and her own multi-arts performance company ‘We As Art, We As Artists’.

emmaluker_1348482635_95 EMMA WOOLCOCK is a fiddle player, baroque and classical violinist, performer, teacher and session player. She has performed internationally and interstate as a band member, soloist and theatre performer. She is a member of The Fiddle Chicks with Dee Trewartha, and has worked with Eric Bogle, Soursob Bob, rock band Kelshy, a duo with husband Dylan Woolcock, and many more.

See and hear the Nov 13 Armistice Pals session here.



STEVE PEDERSON  Guitar/mandolin/pedal steel/vocals for many and various Adelaide bands over the years including, but not limited to, Junior, Emily Davis & The Open Road and Carla Lippis & The Martial Hearts.


courtneyrobb1 THUMB COURTNEY ROBB  When you are watching Adelaide songstress Courtney Robb, the first thing that hits you is a rare honesty and sense of self that pulls you along with her on an emotional roller coaster. Her husky, but undoubtedly Australian vocals are woven with purposefully delicate guitar in a style teetering on the edges of folk, country and blues. Robb is not afraid to bare her soul, to share stories of love, belonging, heartache and failure.

Todd Sibbin - Press2 copyTODD SIBBIN  Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter. Plays with: The Opposite Ends, Traveller and Fortune, Olivers Army, Tom West, Kaurna Cronin, The Acadian Driftwood. 

See and hear the Nov 20 Armistice Pals session here.


Following the choral part of the show, individual acts will come into the on-air studio for a chat and live to air song of their own.  Along with celebrating Michael Hunter’s 29th anniversary on the airwaves, this promises to be a highlight of the show to date – be sure not to miss it!

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