Session: Tim Moore (2019)

The Roots & Branches Sessions continued on August 8 2019, with a welcome visit from SA singer-songwriter TIM MOORE.  To quote the bio from his website: “Born in a small town on the southern edge of the world, Tim sings with a well-travelled heart. Having toured extensively in Australia and New Zealand he is at home in big theatres, small bars and intimate house concerts where he joins the tradition of the great singer-songwriter troubadours. His much awaited third album ‘Songs From The Road’ released in 2019 chronicles his experience of selling everything and hitting the road with a young family. An artist of rare depth, his shows are like a conversation with a good friend who makes you laugh and cry and question everything you know. With haunting melodies and a voice like cut marble, Tim is a teller of stories worth telling. “

The songs from the session only serve to prove it all true.

After The Storm  (4.32)

All My Heart  (3.51)

Brothers Hold On (7.34)

She Always Takes It Black  (3.39) 

Grow Old Together (5.09)

Pics by Michael Hunter.