Flook (2003)

Flook+2c390Flook is an Anglo-Irish band playing traditional-style instrumental music, much of it penned by the band themselves. Their music is typified by extremely fast, sometimes percussive, flute and whistle atop complex guitar and bodhrán rhythms. Flook was formed in 1995 and is made up of Brian Finnegan, Sarah Allen, Ed Boyd and John Joe Kelly.

In December 2008 the band sent a Christmas message saying they were disbanding. “We wanted to wish you a very Happy Christmas and also to share some news with you,” said a band press release. “After 13-plus years, hundreds of gigs, millions of miles traveled together and countless brilliant times, we’ve decided to call it a day. It might be forever or a prolonged pause, who knows, but we’re all still great friends and will always remain so. This might sound like a cliché but it is deeply truthful.”  The group reformed for an appearance on the BBC Northern Ireland programme, Blas Ceoil.  As of 2014, they are now back together and are currently touring.

Flook toured Australia several times – on April 10 2003, they played the Governor Hindmarsh in Adelaide and kindly gave permission for us to record the gig.  Here’s a track from that performance.

Pressed For Time  (4.08)

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