Mike Rudd (2016)

IMG_3732aMike Rudd, stalwart of Australasian music for many decades especially with the bands Spectrum, Indelible Murtceps and Ariel was the guest interview on the show of Feb 11 2016, the chat having been pre-recorded a couple of nights previously.  The main purpose was to talk about his upcoming solo performance for the Adelaide Fringe, as well as the recent reissue of the 1973 Murtceps album ‘Warts Up Your Nose’.

The entertaining conversation found its way to other places of course, including the serious matter of balancing band work with the comparatively recent solo shows to preserve his hearing, and less serious aspects such as his having written a rule-breaking happy blues song!

The audio file here does not contain the music played on air, but it does include an extra section not broadcast, concerning the ease of do-it-yourself production these days.

More details about Mike Rudd’s long career can be found on his Wikipedia page while his official site is here.

Mike Rudd interview  (24.03)  

The one song we didn’t even mention…

Pic with Spectrum at the Semaphore Workers Club, March 3 2013 by Michael Hunter.  (More pics here.)