Jodi Martin, Jen Lush & Alan Gogoll (2016)


JODI MARTIN made a welcome return visit to the show on August 18 2016 to talk about a couple of upcoming gigs as part of her national tour to promote the ‘Diesel’ single.  Also in the studio was JEN LUSH in her capacity as organiser of the Stone Pony venue, and Tasmanian guitarist ALAN GOGOLL who was in town for various gigs including a Stone Pony performance the following night.

Much conversation and amusement ensued, as did some live to air music.

ALAN GOGOLL firstly gave an improvised example of playing with harmonics, then shortly after performed his own piece Apricot Eyes


JODI MARTIN performed the song Things Are Gonna Change, from her Saltwater album: 

And all three – Jodi on lead vocals and guitar, Jen on backing vocals and Alan on guitar, spontaneously performed Jodi’s song Criminal, having the briefest of rehearsals a short time earlier:


Pics by Michael Hunter.