Some memorabilia from the show’s history, uncovered in ancient scrapbooks and the like!  Some are from the time when both the show and station had different names, and timeslots…

R&Bs fedmag apr89 carthy

‘Fedmag’ (SA Folk Federation magazine), April 1989.  This was the show’s first live recording; excerpts from the exclusive Martin Carthy performance can be heard through the On Stage menu above.

R&Bs infolkus oct92

‘In Folk-Us’ magazine October 1992, on the show’s change of name.

R&Bs threat 95a

‘In Folk-Us’ March 1995.  A strange decision threatened the show’s existence for a short while.  No current members of the station were involved in the issue!

RBs threatb 95

‘In Folk-Us’, April 1995.  Obviously, it all worked out OK.

In 2003, a fundraising gig was held at the Governor Hindmarsh with various local acts to help raise money for recording equipment.  A limited edition CD was produced for the event and only available at the gig – therefore, there aren’t very many in circulation now…

However, spare copies were provided to community radio stations around the country, and the CD reached #1 on the AMRAP (Australian Music Radio Airplay Project) airplay chart in October 2003, making it the most played Australian CD on national community radio that month.

The date of 9 June 2003 on the cover refers to the gig, not the recording date of any of the tracks.

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