Session: Mandy Connell (2019)

Victorian singer songwriter MANDY CONNELL appeared on the show on September 12 2019, in one of those very fortuitous circumstances where the possibility first became apparent only a few days previously, and the stars all aligned for Mandy to come in and not just have an interesting chat, but perform a full 8-song session as well.

Her bio only hints at her achievements to date: “Mandy is bare souled & luminous on stage. With acclaim Throughout the Folk Scene Mandy is admired for her songwriting & delivery. Taking the Declan Affley Award (National Folk Festival) in 2005 and the Maldon Minstrel Award (Maldon Festival) in 2006, Mandy placed at the Port Fairy’s ‘Songs of Peace & Tolerance’. She has toured the UK, formed Trad 5 piece ‘Stray Hens’, & continues to write original music.

Winning the Declan Affley Award (National Folk Festival) in 2005 and the the Maldon Minstrel Award (Maldon Festival) in 2006, Mandey came second at the Port Fairy Songs of Peace and Tolerance Competition in 06 for her song ‘Riots in Redfern’.

Selling out of the 2010 album Tall Tales & Pretty Colours, and due to record the Girl Who Fell Off The Wall in 2015, Mandy has collected a steady following with endorsements from Paul Brady, Weddings Parties Anything, and from well known songwriters Judy Small and Eric Bogle as much for her reinterpretations of their work as for her own songs.”

She also curates the Melbourne based independent music video series An Otherwise Quiet Room.  Mandy’s live to air session on Roots & Branches was a definite pleasure – and here are the songs to enjoy again, including a couple yet to be recorded and the obligatory not-previously-performed cover to finish the set.

Airport Traffic  (3.03)

About Your Business  (3.11)

As I Roved Out  (4.58)

1952 Vincent Black Lightning  (5.42)

continues below…

Borrowed Cars  (3.24)

Let’s Just Dance  (4.08)

The Garden  (3.00)

For A Short Time  (3.36)


Produced by / pics by Michael Hunter.