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The idea for this blog– which btw I should mention is my own personal work & not in fact associated with 3D Radio in any way – is to make it an online equivalent of the radio show. Possibly even to supercede the show at some point.  Along with news, pics, videos etc, the Roots & Branches blog plans to increasingly include exclusive interviews with local and visiting folk / roots / related musicians either by telephone or in person, as I have done on the show for many years, but put them up here as mp3s.   Similarly to record gigs to put excerpts up here, as has already begun!

All of this naturally takes up time and resources, so to that end – and only if you wish to at any point, no pressure or necessity – some funding / donations towards equipment upkeep, computer expenses etc would be very handy and appreciated.  Perhaps listeners from recently or long ago might like to play a part in keeping it going in this format now, or perhaps those who have just discovered the blog might be interested enough to help too.  Bear in mind that, similar to the radio show for over 25 years, this is all done for free on my own time, and probably quite a bit of time will be needed to do it properly.

So only if you feel inclined – please utilise the Make A Donation button above which will take you straight to Paypal.  Thank you!

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