Gerry Allen (Moose Malone) (2014)


For probably the first time, the interview on the show was linked to the feature rarity segment.  Brisbane country rock band MOOSE MALONE released the one album “House Of Blue Lights” in 1978.  It has always been well regarded but has never seen a more recent reissue, so is very collectable these days.  Drummer GERRY ALLEN called in for a chat about the band and his own musical career.

A lot of the Moose Malone story is not easy to find online, so it was good to get some stories directly from the source; matters such as Elvis Presley inadvertantly creating problems for the promotion of the band’s album – more details about the party that saw John Denver in a headlock and Moose Malone sacked from their record company – and plenty more!

Many thanks to Gerry Allen for his time and memories.

Gerry Allen interview  (22.20)

Moose Malone - front

Moose Malone album cover – Gerry Allen second from right

10 thoughts on “Gerry Allen (Moose Malone) (2014)

  1. I was the roadie for Moose Malone in 1977 for a road tour that went all the way from Sydney to Cairns and up into the Atherton Tablelands and back. We had two vehicles, a Dodge truck and a bright pink two door ninety sixties Pontiac which drew lots of attention from the police (especially in the deep north) not to mention the truck with its bull horns above the windscreen and the large cartoon drawing of a man with a moose’s head on the side. Before we left on the month-long trip I put a replaced the engine in the Dodge and changed a bent steering arm so that it would steer straight, something which some of the guys thought was totally unnecessary! The Dodge was so overloaded with gear that we had three explosive blowouts of a rear tyre at speed and it was amazing that we didn’t roll the truck at least once. Somewhere I have some b&w photos I took of the trip, which was an amazing experience. Would love to connect with any of the guys in that lineup and especially Henry.

    • Hi Noel, thanks so much for the memories! If you can send me your best email address via the Contact page here, I can pass it on to Gerry if you like.

  2. Yeah, that would be great Michael, it would be great to catch up with Gerry. Sadly it sounds like the band member I knew as Henry, who Gerry referred to as Tony has passed away as well as Jim too. I have left my contact details as requested.

  3. Hi, I’m Jim Brelsford’s son, Will. It was great reading the comments and to hear the interview with Gerry. Gerry and I caught up serval years ago which was great, I’d also like to chat with Sam now knowing he’s still around now. I’ve left my details and it would be great to hear from either Sam or Gerry for a chat anytime, cheers Will.

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