Creative services

A new expansion to the Roots & Branches empire, whereby you can take advantage of Michael Hunter’s years of expertise in the following areas (where “take advantage of” means utilise, not “offer work in return for good exposure” etc!) –

WRITING.  Assistance with PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL, PROOF READING, PRESS RELEASES, REVIEWS, CRITICAL ASSESSMENT and more.  The main areas covered to date have revolved around music, entertainment, self development and social justice.  Happy to expand to other areas as required.

AUDIO RESTORATION.   Where being a perfectionist is an advantage.  As long as you own the copyright to the original material, I can clean, tweak, remove clicks and pops, and generally manipulate the audio to make it as clean as possible.

SOCIAL MEDIA.  If you need someone to look after your Facebook page or blog – where “looking after” can mean keeping it updated with new material to keep visitors interested, or if you have the sort of social media presence that can attract trolls and need help with their removal, vanquishing and / or prevention – let’s just say I have a lot of experience in that area too!  Feel free to ask…

Location is no great concern as all services are largely Web based.  I am also happy to collaborate on projects if required.  What I’ve done to date has largely been based around music, artistic endeavours and social justice but there’s no reason that can’t be expanded further.  If you think I could be interested in being involved in something different, you may well be right.  The best way to find out is to ask.

Please check out more information, and get in touch via the contact form at: