As mentioned on the show last night as if everyone wasn’t already well aware, COVID-19 is pretty much decimating the live music industry right now. Musicians and those they rely on (publicists, roadies, sound crew et al) have helped all of us for a long time, and now they need our help in return. One good way is to contribute to this current Support Act appeal. If you see other such appeals, please seriously consider helping them too, if possible.

Buy a song or 2 from artists you like. Maybe go searching for artists you don’t even know and buy a song you like by them. Enough people doing so can make the difference between an act (especially independent ones) paying rent or not.  Bandcamp is giving 100% of profits to acts, starting not long after this post goes up and continuing for 24 hours. Keep supporting after that anyway…

Look for acts like Liz Frencham, David Rovics and no doubt many more who are starting to perform regularly via live streaming. Musicians have to play, and that’s one way to do it now. If you know of others, please let us all know here! It’s meant to be a music community after all.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 5.06.32 pm


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