Playlist, Jan 9 2020

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HARP & A MONKEY  Early One Morning  ‘The Victorians’  (indie)

Feature rarity:  CURRENCY  1. Come Listen  2. The Miner  3. Double Dissolution  4. Bastard From The Bush  ‘First Exchange’  (Larrikin)  AUST (Canberra) 1982

Interview with SNOOKS LA VIE regarding SA Bushfire Benefit gig  1. SNOOKS LA VIE & COURTNEY ROBB  Grand Junction Road  live to air Jan 2019 (our recording)  2. THE YEARLINGS  Wind Already Blown  ‘Wind Already Blown’  (indie)  3. KELLY MENHENNETT  Small Dreams  ‘Small Dreams’  (indie)  all AUST  local

DAVID ROVICS  Christmas In Australia  demo

RILEY PEARCE  Windmill (Acoustic)  single  (Comes With Fries)  AUST

SPIKE FLYNN  Invisible Things (take up the most space)  single  (indie)  AUST

THE EAST POINTERS  Country Cable  ‘Yours To Break’  (ABC)

JIM MORAY (with Josienne Clarke)  Lord Gregory  ‘The Outlander’  (Managed Decline)

HARP & A MONKEY  The Returned Convict  ‘The Victorians’  (indie)

GLENN CARDIER  Take Me Home  ‘Wild At Heart’  (Fantastique)  AUST

KAURNA CRONIN  Gotta Get Outta This Place  ‘Glitter Or Dust’  (Songs & Whispers)  AUST  local

LITTLE WISE  Devil Off My Back  ‘Want It All’  (indie)  AUST

TUULETAR  Odotan  ‘Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal’  (Bafe’s Factory)

CAPTAIN MATCHBOX WHOOPEE BAND  Masochism Tango  ‘Australia’  (Mushroom)  AUST

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