Playlist, Oct 31 2019

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LITTLE QUIRKS  Cover My Eyes  ‘Cover My Eyes’ EP  (indie)  AUST

Feature rarity: VERONIQUE CHALOT  1. Bourrèe  2. L’Empoisonneuse  3. Danse Des Sorcieres  ‘J’ai Vu Le Loup’  (Materiali Sonori)  France / Italy 1979

JIM MORAY  The Leaving Of Liverpool  ‘The Outlander’  (Managed Decline)

STRAY HENS  Lord Bateman  ‘Stray Hens’  (indie)  AUST

LANKUM  The Pride Of Petravore  ‘The Livelong Day’  (Rough Trade)

Recordings from The Great 78 Project:  1. TRAVKIN FOLK CHORUS  Two Russian Folk Songs  (Russia, 1907)  2. RACZ LACZI ENSEMBLE  Two Hungarian Folk Tunes  (Hungary, 1913)  3. GEORGE KATSAROS  Vre Manga To Maheri Sou  (Greece, 1938)  4. ARZIV ORCHESTRA  Tamara  (Armenia / America 1948)  All taken from original 78RPM records.

FINGERLESS  Scarborough  single  (4000 Records)  AUST

COLIE  Half Of What You Are  single  (indie)  AUST

JUICE WEBSTER  You’ve Not Come To Hurt Me  single  (indie)  AUST

JESSICA RAE  Shit’s Fucked  ‘Rebirth’ EP  (indie) AUST  local

NATE SCHOLES  The Fear  ‘Feels Like Ages’ EP  (indie)  AUST

THE GADFLYS  Deborah  single  (Mongrel Jazz)  AUST

NAPPER TANDY  Mad Tom Of Bedlam  ‘Napper Tandy’  (Schnapper)  AUST  local

THE YEARLINGS  Sally Anne  live to air Aug 26 2010  (show recording)  AUST  local

VORN DOOLETTE  The Christian & The Sinner  live to air Dec 9 2010  (show recording)  AUST  local

LANKUM  Hunting The Wren  ‘The Livelong Day’  (Rough Trade)

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