Playlist, May 9 2019

EMMA LUKER, DEE TREWARTHA, RAY SMITH, KERRYN SCHOFIELD  Hunter’s Revenge  theme, exclusive  AUST  local

GLENN CARDIER  Restless One  ‘Wild At Heart’  (Elbow Room)  AUST

Feature rarity: THE REEL & SOUL ASSOCIATION  1. Ain’t No Sunshine  2. Move On Up 3. Higher Ground  4. Green Onions  ‘The Reel & Soul Association (AKA 50 US Cents)’  (Flying Sparks)  UK 2002

Interview with ALLARA / KAHL WALLIS – KAHL WALLIS Children Of The Revolution live to air / NANCY BATES  Jack and Jill  ‘For Your Love’  (indie) / KAHL WALLIS  Superhuman live to airARCHIE ROACH  It’s Not Too Late  ‘Let Love Rule’  (Bloodlines) / ALLARA  Wala Is Life  single  (indie) / ALLARA  Beautiful Sunshine (excerpt)  live to air / ALLARA & KAHL WALLIS  Survive  live to air  all AUST


The audio of the live to air performances is well worth hearing again, and can be done so on this page.

GHOSTSHIPS  Descending Through Dark  single  (Bandcamp)  AUST

KIM CHURCHILL  When Everything Comes Undone  ‘I AM’  (Good Intent)  AUST

ROARING JACK  Stranger & A Friend  ‘Through The Smoke Of Innocence’  (Mighty Boy)  AUST

OYSTERBAND  Hal-An-Tow  ‘Trawler’  (Cooking Vinyl)

BOILED IN LEAD  My Son John  ‘From The Ladle To The Grave’  (Atomic Theory)

KORPIKLAANI with Heidevolk  Beer Beer  ‘Beer Beer’  (Nuclear Blast)

KORPIKLAANI  with Nytt Land  Shai Shai  ‘Beer Beer’  (Nuclear Blast)

GLENN CARDIER  Take Me Home  ‘Wild At Heart’  (Elbow Room)  AUST

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