Playlist, Nov 22 2018

DISPATCH  So Good  ‘Location 13’  (Bomber / AWAL)

Feature rarity: Бурдон (BURDON FOLK BAND)  1. Frost  2. Red  3. Geese  4. Early  ‘Дівиця (Divytsia)’ (Nash Format)  Ukraine, 2013

URBAN GUERILLAS  What I Wish For  single  (indie)  AUST

SETH LAKEMAN  Drink Til I’m Dry  ‘The Well Worn Path’  (Cooking Vinyl)

AMY POLLOCK  Come Down  single  (indie)  AUST

GOLDSTEIN  1. These Walls Can Talk  2. I Can’t Wait To Get Home  ‘Message From Home’  (indie)  AUST  local

R&Bs Session: JEN LUSH & STEVE LENNOX  1. The Night’s Insomnia  2. A Light On A Rock  3. The Searching Night  4. Glass  5. Persuasion  6. The Leaving Of The Light  7. Lament  #31   live to air  AUST  local

The audio of the full Lush / Lennox session can be heard at this link.

ROY BAILEY  1. What You Do With What You’ve Got  2. Tom Paine’s Bones  3. Everything Possible  live, SA Folk Centre c.2002  (our recording)  RIP Roy Bailey

DISPATCH  Letter To Lady J  ‘Location 13’  (Bomber / AWAL)

CURRENT 93  The Postman Is Singing  ‘The Light Is Leaving Us All’  (indie)

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