Playlist, Nov 2 2017

AN THEOS  Urzeala Timpului  ‘Spre Cer’  (indie)

SALTATIO MORTIS  1. Wo Sind Die Clowns  ‘Zirkus Zeitgeist’  2. Wo Sind Die Clowns (acoustic version)  (Vertigo/Capitol)

PERCIVAL SCHUTTENBACH  Marysia  ‘Strzyga’  (Sony)

GALLEY BEGGAR  Moon And Tide  ‘Heathen Hymns’  (Rise Above)

DELSINKI RECORDS  Count Your Blessings  single  (indie)  AUST

THE RURAL ALBERTA ADVANTAGE  Selfish Dreams ‘The Wild’  (Paper Bag)

THE HARE AND THE MOON  Come Unto The Corn  ‘Wood Witch’  (Reverb Worship)

SEPHINE LLO  Paper Thin  ‘I, Your Moon’  (Tape Club)

THE NORTHERN LITES  Black Swan (In A White Swan’s World) single  (indie)  AUST  local

OYSTERBAND  My Country Too  single  (Pukka)

LEATHERAT  The Landlord’s Lament  ‘Live at Cropredy 2010’ DVD  (indie)

KORPIKLAANI  Rauta  ‘Manala’  (Nuclear Blast)

A shorter version of the show, due to the earlier outside broadcast.  Back to the usual two hours next week.

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