Playlist, Sept 21 2017

THE NORTHERN FOLK  Get On  single  (pre-release)  AUST

PAUL ADOLPHUS & FRIENDS  1. Shiroco  2. Didjeri Blues  live at the Focus Club, March 1980  unreleased  (PMBA Demo Archives)  AUST  local

THE RAILS  Mansion Of Happiness  ‘There Are Other People In This World Not Just You’  (The Orchard)

ALASDAIR ROBERTS  Pangs  ‘Pangs’  (Drag City)

YUSUF / CAT STEVENS  Blackness Of The Night  ‘The Laughing Apple’  (Cat-O-Log / Decca)

KELLY BROUHAHA  Keep It To Myself  ‘Live at the Sound Lounge 24/6/17’  (station recording)  AUST  local

HARRY HEART  Sun Follows  ‘Sun Follows’ EP  (indie)  AUST

LIZ STRINGER  Anyone  ‘All The Bridges’  (Vitamin)  AUST

MEL PARSONS  Get Out Alive  ‘Drylands’  (Cape Road)

THE LAST DINOSAUR  The Body Collapse  ‘The Nothing’  (Naim Audio)

RUN RABBIT RUN  Sticks  ‘Bloodline’  (Beehive)  AUST

STRAY HENS  Song Of The Inland Rain / The Confluence  ‘The Confluence’  (Henhouse)  AUST

Tracks from FAIRPORT CONVENTION  ‘Come All Ye – The First Ten Years’ box set  (Universal)  1.  FAIRPORT CONVENTION  Eastern Rain (Sandy Denny-only vocals)  2.  FAIRPORT CONVENTION  Doctor Of Physick (live 1970)  3.  THE BUNCH Think It Over  4.  DAVE SWARBRICK To Althea From Prison (demo)

THE NORTHERN LITES  Black Swan (In A White Swan’s World)  ‘Black Swan (In A White Swan’s World)’ EP  (indie)  AUST  local

RAISED BY EAGLES  Every Night  ‘I Must Be Somewhere’  (ABC)  AUST

THE BUILDERS AND THE BUTCHERS  Casket Lands  ‘The Spark’  (indie)

LIGHT  When It Felt Like Spring  ‘Light / Henry Lloyd Wilson’ split album  (indie)  AUST

FINNEN HORWOOD WILLIAMS JR  Kory’s Ramble  ‘Weeping Spell’  (indie)  AUST  local

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