Playlist, Aug 3 2017

LIAM BRYANT & THE HANDSOME DEVILS  Conflict  ‘The Pessimist & The Optimist’  (Footstomp)  AUST

Feature rarity:  TWIN ENGINE  1. Give My Love A Chance  2. Secrets  3. Gold Mine  4. Mistress Of The Morning  ‘Twin Engine’  (Sonic Past)  US, recorded 1971, released 2004

MY FRIEND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE  Jeffrey Smart (Silver City)  ‘The Revival Meeting’  (indie)  AUST

NOAH EARP  Sweetest Mistake  ‘Disinheritor’  (indie)  AUST

Phone interview with RICH DAVIES, AYLEEN O’HANLON & KAT OGILVIE from THE LOW ROAD.  Tracks played: 1. RICH DAVIES & THE LOW ROAD  Dirt Under My Nails ‘Ghosts’  (indie)  2. MICK THOMAS & THE ROVING COMMISSION  Geisha Girl  ‘South East Asia’ EP  (Liberation)  3. RICH DAVIES  Covered In Dust  ‘Electric Ghosts’  (indie)  4. RICH DAVIES & THE LOW ROAD  Walking Ghost  ‘Ghosts’  (indie)  Relive the interview, along with a couple of videos here.


Ayleen O’Hanlon, Rich Davies & Kat Ogilvie at the Grace Emily Aug 5 2017.

GALLEY BEGGAR  Salome  ‘Heathen Hymns’  (Rise Above)

ALASDAIR ROBERTS  The Angry Laughing God  ‘Pangs’  (Drag City)

OFFA REX  The Queen of Hearts  ‘The Queen of Hearts’  (Nonesuch)

JOHN SMITH  Possession  ‘Headlong’  (BARP)

DEAN LEWIS  Lose My Mind  ‘Same Kind Of Different’  (Universal)  AUST

SOMETIME SONNY  Wasted On Me  ‘Sometime Sonny’  (indie)  AUST

BATTS  Little White Lies  ‘Little White Lies’  (indie)  AUST

KIKAGAKU MOYO  Kogarashi  ‘House In The Tall Grass’  (indie)

GALLEY BEGGAR  The Girl I Left Behind Me ‘Heathen Hymns’  (Rise Above)

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