Playlist, Jun 29 2017

TEX, DON & CHARLIE  A Man In Conflict With Nature  ‘You Don’t Know Lonely’  (Universal)  AUST

Feature rarity:  OLIVER  1. Off On A Trek  2. Trance  3. Flowers On A Hill  4. Freezing Cold Like An Iceberg  ‘Standing Stone’  (Oliv)  UK, 1974

Interview with ROGER FREEMAN from the Trinity Sessions on the venue’s 15th anniversary, with a selection of acts that have played there:  1. FRUIT  Peace  ‘Live At The Church’  (indie)  AUST local  2. JUNIOR  Talk About It  ‘Time In The Sun’  (Mixmasters)  AUST  local  3. MYLES MAYO & THE MODERN HEART  The Darker Side  ‘Myles Mayo & The Modern Heart’  (indie)  AUST  local  4. MICK THOMAS  Lonely Goth  ‘These Are The Songs’  (Liberation)  AUST

DAVE SWARBRICK & ALISTAIR HULETT  Saturday Johnny & Jimmy The Rat  live at the Trinity Mar 31 2007  (our recording)

GLENN CARDIER, PHIL MANNING & ROSS RYAN  You Never Can Tell  live at the Trinity May 13 2007  (our recording)  AUST

SPECTRUM  Worm Turning Blues  live at the Trinity  June 18 2006  (our recording)  AUST

THE MAMMALS  Stay Awhile With Me  live at the Trinity  Mar 23 2007  (our recording)

STEVENSON RANCH DAVIDIANS   1. Love Is A Big Light  2. Binary Bop  ‘Amerikana’  (Picture In My Ear)

CHARMING DISASTER  Little Black Bird  ‘Cautionary Tales’  (indie)

LOIC BLEJEAN & TAD SARJENT  Reeling In Colman  ‘Reeling In Colman’  (Aita)

DARREN LYNCH  Dance To Your Daddy  ‘The Spinning Wheel’  (indie)

FEROCIOUS DOG  Gallows Justice  ‘From Without’  (indie)

ALLUME  You Sleep Curled Up  ‘Why Move Very Fast At All’  (Healthy Tapes)  AUST  local

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