Playlist, Jun 8 2017

COFFEE FOR THE RESTLESS  Wolf Lied  ‘Coffee Show’  (indie)

Feature rarity:  RIOBÓ  1. Foliada 85  2. Marreco  3. Choupana  ‘Riobó’  (Zouma)

DAN VOGL  If I Die  single  (indie)  AUST

KRISTAL WEST  Nibe Nibe  single  (indie)  AUST

JEN LUSH  in-studio interview on the launch of her new CD and book.  Tracks played:  1. The Night’s Insomnia  2. Wild Flowers  3. Blazer  ‘The Night’s Insomnia’  (indie)  AUST  local

THE BUILDERS AND THE BUTCHERS  No Grave  ‘The Spark’  (indie)

DANGERMUFFIN  Kindred Sun  ‘Heritage’  (indie)

KIKAGAKU MOYO  Green Sugar  ‘House In The Tall Grass’  (Guruguru Brain)

VIN GARBUTT  1. Absent Friends  ‘When The Tide Turns Again’ (Home Roots)  2. The Fairy Hornpipe ‘The By-Pass Syndrome’  (Home Roots)  RIP Vin Garbutt.

STRAWBERRY JAM  Just  ‘Music Within My Heart’  (indie)  AUST  local

BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY  Some Of Us Fly  ‘Best Troubador’  (Drag City)

JOHN SAMMERS  (We Won’t Be) Terrorised  ‘Believe’  (indie)  AUST

THE BLACKEYED SUSANS  Colours Move  ‘Close Your Eyes And See’  (Teardrop)  AUST

STU TYRRELL  The Number Of The Beast  ‘Celtic Roots’ EP  (indie)  AUST

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