Playlist, Jun 1 2017

MONKEY PUZZLE  3D  ‘The Multi Dimensional Satchel’  (Blueleaf)

ANDY SUMMERS  Gigantopithecus  ‘Triboluminescence’  (Flickering Shadow)

HAV  Cullen Bay  ‘Inver’  (Folkwit)

ST JOAN  King Of The Hill  single  (indie)  AUST

 JEP AND DEP  Cruel Moon  single  (indie)  AUST

THE SINGING SKIES  Nowhere  ‘Head In The Trees, Heart On The Ground’  (Preservation)  AUST

NINEBARROW  Blood On The Hillside  ‘Releasing The Leaves’  (indie)

BEC STEVENS  Three Days  ‘More Scared Than Me’  (indie) AUST  local

ALDOUS HARDING  The World Is Looking For You  ‘Party’  (4AD)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION  Elanor’s Dream  ’50:50@50′  (Matty Grooves)

THE DEAD MAGGIES  When I Die  ‘Wild Dogs & Flannies’ EP  (indie)  AUST

HAYSEED DIXIE  Love Train  ‘Free Your Mind And Your Grass Will Follow’  (Hayseed Dixie)

BIG HOGG  Gold And Silver  ‘Gargoyles’  (Bad Elephant)

CHARMING DISASTER  Days Are Numbered  ‘Cautionary Tales’  (indie)

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