Playlist, Mar 2 2017

THE YOUNG FOLK  Way Down South  ‘The Little Battle’  (Pixie Pace)

Feature rarity:  LEONARD TEALE & ANDY SUNDSTROM  1. Travelling Down The Castlereagh  2. Frank Gardiner  3. Shearers Dream  ‘Travelling Down The Castlereagh’  (CBS)  Australia 1964

SARAH CARROLL  Star Parade  ‘Star Parade’  (indie)  AUST

ALL OUR EXES LIVE IN TEXAS  Boundary Road  ‘When We Fall’  (ABC)  AUST

WEDDINGS PARTIES ANYTHING  Marie Provost  single B-side  (WEA)  AUST

CICADA  Rolling Home  ‘Cidada’  (indie)  AUST  local

XYLOURIS WHITE  Suburb  ‘Goats’  (Other Music)  AUST

THE SPECIALS  A Message To You Rudy  ‘The Best Of The Specials’  (Chrysalis)

ANGIE  A Ring  ‘Shyness’  (Rice Is Nice)  AUST

DARCY FOX  Hurricane  ‘Chapter One’ EP  (Little Giant)  AUST

INNESSA  Up And Down  ‘Innessa’  (indie)  AUST

JO QUAIL  in-studio interview.  Music:  1. The Breathing Hand  2. Salamander  3.  Gold  ‘Five Incantations’  (indie)

HEDNINGARNA  Björnskytten / Fu-polskan  ‘Kult’  (Silence)

NYTT LAND  1. The Last War  2.  Winter Day  ‘Fimbulvinter’  (Cold Spring)

JUSTIN BERNASCONI  Careless Shells  ‘Barefoot Wonderland’  (Mountain King)  AUST

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