Playlist, Feb 23 2017

TALL TALL TREES  CLC  ‘Freedays’  (Joyful Noise)

Feature rarity:  MAJA DE RADO & PORODIČNA MANUFAKTURA CRNOG HLEBA  1. Strah   2. Noe  3. Pa Sto?  4. Kisan Maglovit Dan  ‘Stvaranje’  (Atlantide/RIP)  Yugoslavia 1974

INNESSA  Yasen  ‘Innessa’  (indie)  AUST

SS.SEBASTIAN  Nightmare Of 1984  single  (indie)  AUST

XYLOURIS WHITE  Pretty Kondilies  ‘Black Peak’  (Bella Union)  AUST

RYAN MARTIN JOHN  Golden Sun  ‘Solar’ EP  (indie)  AUST  local

THE BLACKEYED SUSANS  Not Quite The Same  ‘Close Your Eyes And See’  (Teardrop)  AUST

MICK THOMAS with Ruby Boots  Most Of The Time  ‘These Are The Songs’  (Liberation)  AUST

COBALT CHAPEL  1. Singing Camberwell Beauty  2. The Lamb  ‘Cobalt Chapel’  (Klove)

WARSAW VILLAGE BAND  Midsummer Rain Song  ‘Sun Celebration’  (indie)

SCOTT COOK  Fellas, Get Out The Way  ‘Further Down The Line’  (indie)

JUSTIN BERNASCONI  Melatonin  ‘Barefoot Wonderland’  (Mountain King)  AUST

TALL TALL TREES  SeagullxEagle  ‘Freedays’  (Joyful Noise)

SHIRLEY COLLINS  Awake Awake / The Split Ash Tree / May Carol / Southover  ‘Lodestar’  (Domino)

ELIZA CARTHY & THE WAYWARD BAND  Peckitt’s Black Mary  ‘Big Machine’  (Topic)

BUSH GOTHIC  Adieu To All Judges And Juries  ‘The Natural Selection Australian Songbook’  (Fydle)  AUST

TWISTED WHISKER  Bring Out Your Dead  ‘Bring Out Your Dead’  (indie)  AUST

GOLDSTEIN   Secondhand  ‘Live at the Sound Lounge 10/12/2016’  (station recording)  AUST  local

TALL TALL TREES  Freedays  ‘Freedays’  (Joyful Noise)

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