Playlist, Feb 16 2017

TOM REDWOOD  Give It A Little Time  single  (indie)  AUST  local

Feature rarity: THE STORY  1. Precious One  2. Flash Across The Sky  3. Dappled Stream  4. A Course Of Action  ‘Arcane Rising’  (Sunbeam)  UK 2007

ELIZA CARTHY & THE WAYWARD BAND (feat Teddy Thompson)  Hug You Like A Mountain  ‘Big Machine’  (Topic)

ELIZA CARTHY & THE WAYWARD BAND (feat MC Dizraeli)  You Know Me  ‘Big Machine’  (Topic)

emmaw-rbs-feb162017EMMA WOOLCOCK – interview about The Fiddle Chicks’ Fringe show ‘The Far Paradise’ with short live to air performances of some of the musical themes:  1. Title theme  2. Villain’s theme  3. Hero’s theme  AUST  local


RAY SMITH  The Mill  ‘Trout &  Toolbox’  (indie)  AUST  local

ALL OUR EXES LIVE IN TEXAS  Boundary Road  ‘When We Fall’  (indie)  AUST

MICK THOMAS  Garden Party  ‘These Are The Songs’  (Liberation)  AUST

BLACKEYED SUSANS  I Asked My Mother  ‘Close Your Eyes And See’  (Teardrop)  AUST

KELLY MENHENNETT  Find Your Way  ‘Small Dreams’  (indie)  AUST  local

OUMOU SANGARE  Sukunyali  ‘Seya’  (World Circuit)

LA BREICHE  LiAntre Du Pesteux  ‘Le Mal Des Ardents’  (Cold Spring)

NYTT LAND  1.  Surtr Ferr Sunnan  2.Bróðurbana Sínum  ‘Fimbulvinter’  (Cold Spring)

HEDNINGARNA  1. Ruoskan Roiske  2. Ságojohka  ‘Kult’  (Silence)

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