Loudness wars

Getting a lot of the show’s material digitally is very handy of course; unfortunately it’s also handy in discovering the fact that nowadays it seems most artists are happy for their precious recordings to be over-compressed, lacking in dynamics and generally stodgy sounding. Yes, I’ve mentioned this “loudness war” business before and it’s getting worse, not better, affecting the majority of tracks that come my way digitally.

If I like a song enough, I’ll decompress it and brighten it and reduce the overall volume to 75% or so of the original, and it still goes into the red more than enough! But a) I shouldn’t have to, and b) those actually buying the song will still be getting a stodgy undynamic aural mess. Does that not matter to the acts or the “producers” any more?

This is what one of this week’s tracks looked like before I worked on it. NB how far into the red it goes, and generally stays. Sigh.


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