Playlist, Jan 12 2017

DIRTY RIVER  Purple Dreams  single  (The A&R Dept)  AUST

Feature rarity:  MARVIN GARDENS  1. Down The Line  2. Close The Door Lightly  3. 97 Men  4. Duncan and Brady  5. Have A Drink On Me  ‘1968’  (High Moon)

THE DEAD MAGGIES  She  single  (indie)  AUST

ROSIE BURGESS  Salt  ‘Handful, Part One’ EP  (Foghorn)  AUST

LIZ & JOHN MUNRO  Heights Of Alma  ‘Family Favourites’  (Larrikin)  AUST  local

BROMHAM  The Eagle & The Otter  single  (indie)  AUST  local

TWISTED WHISKER  The Machine  ‘Bring Out Your Dead’  (indie)  AUST

TULLARA  Six Months  ‘Better Hold On’  (indie)  AUST

SHAKIN’ STEVENS  Echoes Of Our Times  ‘Echoes Of Our Times’  (HEC)

SWEET LIBERTIES (feat MARTYN JOSEPH)  Nye  ‘Sweet Liberties’  (Quercus)

THE COAL PORTERS  The Day The Last Ramone Died  ‘No. 6’  (Prima)

9BACH  Cyfadeffa  ‘Anian’  (Real World)

AZIZA BRAHIM  Calles de Dajla  ‘Abbar el Hamada’  (Glitterbeat)

XYLOURIS WHITE  The Feast  ‘Black Peak’  (Bella Union)  AUST

TRIO DHOORE  1. Gepetto / Pinokkio  2. Momentum  ‘Momentum’  (indie)

RAMSHACKLE GLORY   1. Face The Void  2. War On Christmas  ‘One Last Big Job’  (indie)

RAT CATCHER  Poor Ned  ‘Live at the Sound Lounge, Oct 15 2016’  (station recording)  AUST  local

YESHE  Woven  ‘Woven’ EP  (indie)  AUST

BROMHAM  You And I (live)  single  (indie)  AUST  local

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