Playlist, Nov 24 2016

THE DUKE OF NORFOLK  Anthemoessa  ‘Three Days From The Wolf Month’ EP  (indie)

Feature rarity:  DULCIMER  1. Mr Rip Van Winkle  2. The Planters Cottage  3. Missing The Head  4. Sandalwood Sailors  ‘Room For Thought’  (Start)  England 1971

REDGUM  The Diamantina Drover  ‘Against The Grain’  (Sony/BMG)  AUST  local  RIP Hugh McDonald.

PAUL KELLY & CHARLIE OWEN  To Live Is To Fly  ‘Death’s Dateless Night’  (indie)  AUST


Ken Nicol @ Sth Coast Folk Club

Exclusive live recording:  KEN NICOL  1. The Road Beneath My Wheels  2. A Waltz With Alice  3. Key To The Highway  4. Ken’s Hornpipes  5. Two Frets From The Blues  6. That Could Have Been Me  7. Steamroller Blues  8. The Bridge  live, Adelaide Nov 17 2016 (our recording)  Some audio, video and pics from the gig can be found here !

ANDREW TUTTLE  Brisbane, Transit Centre  single  (Room40)  AUST

HOWL AT THE MOON  Backsliders  ‘A Slave To The Ghost’  (Cobra Snake Neck Tie)  AUST

INNES  Green Morning  ‘Bits’  (Heapsaflash)  AUST

VANWYCK  Carolina’s Anatomy  single  (Soundcloud)

XYLOURIS WHITE  Forging  ‘Black Peak’  (Bella Union)  AUST

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