Playlist, Sept 29 2016

MODDI  Army Dreamers  ‘Unsongs’  (Propeller)

GLENN SHORROCK  Rise Again  ‘Rise Again’  (Social Family)  AUST

COSMO THUNDERCAT  Warning Bells  single  (Kick Push)  AUST  local

Interview with KAURNA CRONIN and GREG WERE:  1. GREG WERE  The Best Of Times ‘Have I Said Too Much This Time?’  (indie)  2. KAURNA CRONIN  Always Never Alone  ‘Southern Loss’  (Songs & Whispers)  3. KAURNA CRONIN  Leave A Letter  live to air  4. GREG WERE  Midnight Bus  ‘Have I Said Too Much This Time?’  (indie)  5. KAURNA CRONIN  Forgetting The Blue  ‘Southern Loss’  (Songs & Whispers)  All AUST  local

The live to air song can be heard again here.

ERIC BOGLE with JOHN MUNRO  First The Children  ‘Voices’  (Undercover Music)  AUST  local

MADDISON COLLIER  Promise  ‘Young, Black and Deadly – Rising Stars’  (Gadigal Music)  AUST

SETH LAKEMAN featuring Wildwood Kin  1. Ballad of the Broken Few   2. Innocent Child ‘Ballads of the Broken Few’ (Cooking Vinyl)

SHIRLEY COLLINS  Death And The Lady  ‘Lodestar’  (Domino)

BILLY BRAGG & JOE HENRY  1. Rock Island Line  2. KC Moan  ’Shine a Light : Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad’ (Cooking Vinyl)

MODDI  The Shaman & The Thief  ‘Unsongs’  (Propeller)

JEZ LOWE  The Wrong Bus  ‘The Ballad Beyond’  (Tantobie)

TINY LITTLE HOUSES  Song Despite Apathy  ‘Snow Globe’  (Ivy League)  AUST

THE BUSHWACKERS  Leave It In The Ground  single  (indie)  AUST

BRENTON MANSER  Treasure & Mystery  ‘Treasure & Mystery’  (indie)  AUST  local

MODDI  Punk Prayer  ‘Unsongs’  (Propeller)


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