Interviews, Emma’s Violin

Along with 2 planned interviews for the show this week (local singer songwriter GREG WERE in the studio in the first hour and JEZ LOWE on the phone, freshly arrived in the country from the UK in the second hour), another feature will be the new album by Norwegian singer MODDI. The album, consisting of songs which were banned in their own countries, is called ‘Unsongs’. 12 songs from 12 countries, including better known ones like Victor Jara and even Kate Bush’s Army Dreamers and this version of Pussy Riot’s Punk Prayer. Also dangerous songs from Israel, Vietnam, Taiwan etc.

Greg Were’s album features EMMA WOOLCOCK, and a  gig worthy of your considerationemma-gig this Saturday Sept 24 at the Wheaty is “A Show For Emma’s Violin” – Emma of course being no stranger to the show, in The Fiddle Chicks and various other formats!

“Emma Woolcock, much loved performer, recording artist and composer had her violin stolen…..Emma needs a new violin.

This show is by musicians who have worked with Emma over the years.

Entry is $10. Money from the door will help Emma get a replacement instrument worthy of her playing.”

Dylan Woolcock
Dee Trewartha (Fiddle Chick)
Eric Bogle
Pete Wilson
Brenton Manser
Soursob Bob & Snooks la Vie
Blossom and the Doctor

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