Playlist, Aug 25 2016

SETH LAKEMAN featuring WILDWOOD KIN  Meet Me In The Twilight  ‘Ballads Of The Broken Few’  (Cooking Vinyl)

Phone interview with GLENN CARDIER.  Tracks:  1. Butterfly Net  ‘Only When I Laugh’  (Infinity)  2. Man On The Roof  ‘Glenn Cardier’ (Interfusion)   3. A Case Of Mistaken Identity  ‘Cool Under Fire’  (Fantastique)  4. Welcome Home Johnny Oh  ‘Cool Under Fire’  (Fantastique)   5. She Flew Away  (live to air over the phone)  6.  Cool Under Fire  ‘Cool Under Fire’  (Fantastique)   AUST

The audio of the live-to-air song can be heard again here !

STEPH MILLER  Colours Of A Clown  single  (indie)  AUST

Feature rarity:  PHIL SAWYER  1. Nightbirds   2. On the Other Side of Silence  3. Where Did Everybody Go?  4. Electric Children  ‘Childhood’s End And Other Songs For Electric Children’ (Sweet Peach 1971,  CD reissue on Guerssen 2006)  AUST  local

TAILOR BIRDS  Ashen  ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’  (Foghorn)  AUST

DUSKEN LIGHTS  Mother Nature Wants Him Dead  ‘In The Service of Spring’  (forthcoming album)  AUST

TIM MOORE  Slow And Strong  ‘After The Storm’  (indie)  AUST  local

KAELA ROWAN (feat. Dayam Khan Manganiyar)  Grioghal Cridhe  ‘The Fruited Thorn’  (Shoogle)

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