Playlist, June 9 2016

YUSUF / CAT STEVENS  He Was Alone  single  (Small Kindness)


EWAN MacCOLL  The Bark Gay Head  ‘Whaler Out Of New Bedford’  (Folkways)

IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP  Rocky Road To Dublin / Drops Of Brandy  ‘This Is The Ian Campbell Folk Group’  (Transatlantic)

IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP Earl Of Moray  ‘Highland Songs’ EP  (Transatlantic)

MARTIN CARTHY & DAVE SWARBRICK  Our Captain Cried All Hands  ‘Byker Hill’  (Topic)

MARTIN CARTHY & DAVE SWARBRICK  Jack Orion  ‘But Two Came By’  (Fontana)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION  A Sailor’s Life  ‘Unhalfbricking’  (Island)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION  Medley: Lark In The Morning / Rakish Paddy / Foxhunters Jig / Toss The Feathers  ‘Liege & Lief’  (Island)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION   Now Be Thankful  (stereo version)  single / CD reissue of ‘Full House’  (Island)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION  Hanging Song  ‘Babbacombe Lee’  (Island)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION  Hexhamshire Lass   ’Nine’  (Island)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION  Ye Mariners All  ’Tipplers Tales’  (Vertigo)

DAVE SWARBRICK  The Heilanman/Drowsy Maggie  ‘Swarbrick’  (Transatlantic)

DAVE SWARBRICK  Carthy’s March  ‘Swarbrick’   (Transatlantic)

DAVE SWARBRICK  Lift The Lid And Listen  ‘Lift The Lid And Listen’  (Sonet)

DAVE SWARBRICK Wat Ye Wha I Met The Streen / The Ribbons Of The Redhead Girl / Ril Gan Ainm  ‘Smiddyburn’  (Logo)

DAVE SWARBRICK  My Heart’s In New South Wales  ‘English Fiddler: Swarbrick plays Swarbrick’  (Naxos World)

DAVE SWARBRICK  A Jigg Called Long Time / Running Footman’s Jig / The Brown Joak  ‘Raison d’être’ (Shirty)

WHIPPERSNAPPER  Whenever  Promises’ (WPS)

CARTHY & SWARBRICK  Skewbald  ‘Skin And Bone’  (Special Delivery)

DAVE SWARBRICK & SIMON NICOL  Three Drunken Maidens  ‘Live At The White Bear’  (White Bear)

SWARB’S LAZARUS  Kilty Town / The Road to Cashel / Dog Big and Dog Little  ‘Live and Kicking’ (Squiggle)

JASON WILSON & DAVE SWARBRICK  The Ballad Of Jack McLaren  ‘Lion Rampant’  (Wheel/Proper)

ALISTAIR HULETT & DAVE SWARBRICK  The Red Clydesiders  live Adelaide Mar 31 2007  (exclusive)

DAVE SWARBRICK  Si Bheag Si Mhor   live Adelaide Mar 31 2007  (exclusive)

KELLY OLIVER ft DAVE SWARBRICK  Grandpa Was A Stoker  ‘Passing The Baton’ EP  (Folkstock)

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