Playlist, May 19 2016

TARA CARRAGHER  I’m Lost  ‘Wicked World’ EP  (indie)  AUST  local

Feature rarity:  BARKA VALL  1. Kallbrand  2. Få Min Gråt  3. Stilla Wärk  4. Herr Peders Sjöresa  ‘Skogsflot’  (Lion Music)  Finland 2000

Live to air interview and music from JODI MARTIN, RAY SMITH & KERRYN SCHOFIELD.   Live songs:  1. Criminal (JM, RS & KS)  2. Riddles  (JM)  3. Round The Corner (JM)  4. The Weaver  (RS & KS)   Studio recordings:  RAY SMITH  1. Tallahassee  2. The Village  ‘Trout & Toolbox’ (forthcoming album) / JODI MARTIN  Saltwater In My Hair  ‘Saltwater’  (Hot Bread)  All AUST  local

Live to air songs can be heard again here.

THE OWL SERVICE  Edi Beo  ’Shirley Inspired’  (Earth)

PAUL KELLY  O Mistress Mine (Clown’s Song from Twelfth Night)  ‘Seven Sonnets And A Song’  (indie)  AUST

TARA CARRAGHER  Rebuild This Heart  ‘Wicked World’ EP  (indie)  AUST  local

PADDY’S FUNERAL  1.  Black Is The Colour  2  Polka  ‘Celtic Voodoo’  (indie)

THE MONKEES  Me & Magdalena  ‘Good Times!’  (Rhino)

HILLFOLK NOIR  ‘Round I Sing / Mile On Up  ‘Pop Songs For Elk’  (indie)

GUY CLARK  Desperados Waiting For A Train  ‘Old No. 1’  (BMG)

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