Playlist, Apr 7 2016

SHAMANIZM PARALLELII  1. The Earth In Your Hands  2. Purple Sky  3. Autumn Kailash   ‘Tales From Colored Tepee’  (Ae / Neogoa)

JO QUAIL  Gold  ‘Five Incantations’  (indie)

TEDDY THOMPSON & KELLY JONES   Never Knew You Loved Me Too  ‘Little Windows’  (Cooking Vinyl)

COUSIN TONY’S BRAND NEW FIREBIRD  Melbourne Bitter  ‘Melbourne Bitter’  (Revolutions Per Minute)  AUST

MOUNT TROUT  Sama Hut  ‘Geeveston B’  (indie)  AUST

SEAVERA  Caving  single  (SGC Media)  AUST

THE LEMON BUCKET ORKESTRA  1. Kolomyjka  2. Orko Suite  ‘Moorka’  (indie)

TEDDY THOMPSON & KELLY JONES   Better At Lying  ‘Little Windows’ (Cooking Vinyl)

MICHAEL CHAPMAN  Vanity & Pride  ‘Fish’  (Tompkins Square)

DANIEL MEADE & THE FLYING MULES  Please Louise  single  (At The Helm)

TREMBLING BELLS  1.  Show Me a Hole (And I’ll Crawl in It)  2. Marble Arch  ‘Wide Majestic Aire’  (Tin Angel)

GARDEN RUIN  A Walk In The Dark  ‘Southern Gothic’  (indie)  AUST  local

HUGH McGINLAY & THE RECESSIVE GENES  Skinhunger  ‘Bliss’  (Red End)  AUST

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