Playlist, Feb 11 2016

TROY LOAKES  If You Got It  ‘Yesterday’s Heroes, Mixmasters Sessions’  (AMC)  AUST  local

JOHN BERBERIAN AND THE ROCK EAST ENSEMBLE  1. Tranquility  2. The Oud And The Fuzz  3. 3/8 + 5/8 = 8/8  ‘Middle Eastern Rock’  (Verve)  US 1969

THE TIMBERS  Blood And Gold  ‘Restless’  (indie)  AUST  local

THE WOOLCOCKS  Lost Things  live to air 28.1.16  AUST  local

RICHARD TONKIN  The Track To Darwin  demo  (Soundcloud)  AUST  local

MIKE RUDD interview (pre-recorded Feb 9) with music:  1. THE INDELIBLE MURTCEPS  Esmeralda  ‘Warts Up Your Nose’  (Aztec)   2. SPECTRUM  Xavier Rudd Is Not My Son  ‘Breathing Space Too’ (Volcano)   3. ARIEL  Confessions Of A Psycopathic Cowpoke  ‘A Strange Fantastic Dream’  (EMI)  4. MIKE RUDD  OMG  (excerpt) demo  5. MIKE RUDD  My Dad Said  (excerpt)  ‘Fatherhood’  (Rawmix)  6. THE INDELIBLE MURTCEPS  We Are Indelible  ‘Warts Up Your Nose’  (Aztec)   All AUST.  An extended version of the interview can be heard here

TRACK DOGS  Whatever Happens  ‘Serenity Sessions’  (Mondegreen)

TREMBLING BELLS  Swallows Of Carbeth  single  (Tin Angel)

JO QUAIL  Gold  ‘Five Incantations’  (different Bandcamp version)

SAM BRITTAIN  Shadow Boxer  ‘Yesterday’s Heroes, Mixmasters Sessions’  (AMC)  AUST  local

TARA CARRAGHER  We Can’t Be Beaten  ‘Yesterday’s Heroes, Mixmasters Sessions’  (AMC)  AUST  local

WHISKY & RHYMES  Cheesed  ‘Far Too Expensive’  (indie)

UNLEASHED BEATS (Georgia Lucas)  She Moved Through The Fair (feat Sandy Denny) demo  (Soundcloud)  AUST

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