Playlist, Jan 28 2016

THE TIMBERS  The Plan  single / ‘Restless’ pre-release  (indie)  AUST  local

JO QUAIL  Gold  ‘Five Incantations’  (indie)

FALSE LIGHTS  The Wife Of Usher’s Well  ‘Salvor’ (Wreckord)

THE WOOLCOCKS  interview & music: 1. The Lost Things live to air / 2. Goldfish At The Laundromat  live to air / 3. Follow Me  ‘Never Mind The Woolcocks’  (indie)  AUST  local  (listen to the live to air songs again here)

IN LOVING MEMORY  Elizabeth Woolcock  ‘Elizabeth Woolcock’  (indie)  AUST  local

Feature rarity:  BRIEF ENCOUNTER  Isn’t It Hard  ‘Brief Encounter’ (Gravel Productions) US 1975  /  KATHY SMITH  Travel In A Circle  ‘2’ (Stormy Forest)  US 1971 /  MORNING CALM  Song Under A Tree  ‘Song Under A Tree’ (Barclay) France 1970  /  BARBARO  Asymmetry  single B-side  (Pepita International)  Hungary 1983  /  ACKE  I Feel  single B-side  (Green Light) Sweden 1971


TOM ROBINSON  Don’t Jump Don’t Fall  ‘Only The Now’  (Leporine)

DANNY SCHMIDT  Guns & The Crazy Ones  ‘Owls’  (indie)

SPIRO  The City and the Stars  ‘Kaleidophonica’  (Real World)

KEV CARMODY  Cometh The Desert Wind  ‘Recollections…  Reflections… (A Journey)’  (Song Cycles)  AUST

DAVID ROBERTS  1. Indian Blues  2. St Clears  ‘St Clears’  (indie)

CAT CANTERI  Late At Night  ‘Late At Night’  (Mountain King)  AUST

ARMONITE  Suitcase War  ‘The Sun Is New Each Day’  (Merry Go Sound)

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